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Buying Real Estate in Panama Is a Smart Decision

Source: Best Syndication, May 5, 2009

Panama, the southernmost country of Central America, is one of the most well developed countries in Latin America with a rich culture, heritage, civilization and wildlife. Owing to the international trade and finance growth that Panama has encountered in the past few years, Panama has also become a real-estate hot-spot.

Panama City, now has many international regional headquarters. This makes buying a real estate in Panama a smart decision.

Metromall: A future shopping destination

Source: The Panama Post, May 4, 2009

The project is being built in front of the giant Los Pueblos mall, an area with more than half a million residents and $700 million in annual sales. The sales will be enhanced by international tourists shopping in Panama and finding items at affordable prices compared to other countries.

Directors of the new commercial center indicated that this project by the Roble Group, the same company that built the unique Multiplaza Pacific in the Panamanian capital, is perhaps the most ambitious in the history of the holding group in terms of size and its portfolio of clients.

Panamanian ferns conquer Japanese market

Source:, May 3, 2009

Panama is exporting large numbers of leaves of ferns to Japan for floral arrangements, using a new technology that allows to create Spring environments to encourage the development of their crops.

At the beginning, the company exported to Japan "only 5 boxes of 30 classes per week, representing 150 classes per week." They are now sending at least 18 thousand 330 cases every week. And that means almost a million cases per year.

Panama will attend logistics fair

Source:, May 1, 2009

From June 2 to 5 will be held in Barcelona the eleventh edition of the International Exhibition of Logistics and Maintenance (SIL), one of the contets of logistics of more importance in Spain and southern Europe.
This year, for the first time, Panama is the country invited to this event, which expects the participation of a thousand companies and around 50 thousand visitors.

"Panama is a privileged space in the area of logistics and international trade, as well as one of the key issues of trade and shipping by the fact of connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans".said Enrique Lacalle, president of the organizing committee of the SIL.

Announcement of a $3 Million Tourism Development Project in Panama

Source: Summa News, Apr 29, 2009

Zcom Networks announced the acquisition of the Playa Paraíso Real Estate Development Project.

According to the press release issued by the company, the project will have 5 villas on the beach and 20 condominiums.
The total value is estimated at $ 1.5 million for the land and $2.5 million in construction, and it is hoped that it will generate sales of nearly $6 million, for a return on investment of 179%.

Panama Canal Upgrades Tugboat Fleet

Source: The Journal of Commerce, Apr 28, 2009

The Panama Canal Authority added five new tugboats to its fleet that assists ships transiting the waterway.

"These new tugboats are an important acquisition for the operation of the Panama Canal," said ACP Executive Vice President of Operations Manuel Benítez. "By upgrading our equipment and streamlining processes, Canal operations are improved for the benefit of our customers around the world."

The WBC tribute to former Panamanian champion Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Duran

Source:, Apr 26, 2009

The World Boxing Council (WBC) honored former Panamanian world champion Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Duran, to who dedicated this date for his successful career.

Durán received a medal with the legend 'World Champion' and a diploma of hands of the representative of the WBC in Panama, Alberto War, by assignment of the president of that agency, the Mexican José Sulaimán.The WBC declared April 25 as the 'Day of Roberto Durán', in honor of the best Panamanian boxer of all times.

Bonds of Panama gain value

Source:, Apr 25, 2009

International investors are cataloguing Panama as a safe country in which to invest. This is made clear by observing the increase in the quoted price of Panamanian Traesury Bonds.

Taking as an example the 2015 Panamanian Bono, one of the most active, the improvement can be clearly observed. The current price of 106.5% which indicates a recovery from 92.25%, its cost in October 2008, this is good for private or institutional investors who have it within their portfolios.

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