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A strong office demand in Panama

Source: The Panama Post, Nov 17, 2008

Renting and selling prices for offices have increased and empty offices rates have fallen

Currently it is estimated that there are around 800.000 square meters of built offices in Panama City.

Panama needs to keep pace with FDI

Source:, Nov 14, 2008

"It is absolutely essential" that Panama maintains a good flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of nearly 2 billion dollars a year to keep the current economic dynamism, which has made the country excel in the Latin American region for its position of strength amid the global crisis.

The firm Indesa believes that this amount would not be difficult to achieve, taking into account all the projects that are pending.

Banking center: Jewel of the regional economy

Source: The Panama Post, Oct 27, 2008

Panama is characterized by a contemporary legal framework, based on principles and international standards in banking matters

At the present time the Banking Center of Panama is seen as one of the most important the entire continent and could not

JP Morgan Announces Key Milestones for Trump Ocean Club

Source:, Sep 9, 2008

Panama's Most Important Development Continues to Meet Construction and Financial Deadlines.

Last week, the executives from JP Morgan proudly announced Trump Ocean Club's (TOC) second quarter results which were not only in line with the company's budget, but displayed how the project has passed some key milestones. TOC's ability to meet the 1.25x Collateralization Ratio satisfied any skeptics, while collection rates on deposits, which rose to 99% in May, have superseded even the most optimistic estimates. Additionally, this month, Trump International Hotels Management LLC signed the Hotel Management Agreement for the hotel at the Trump Ocean Club International, solidifying the property's relationship with Trump

Tourism and hotels boom in Panama

Source:, Sep 7, 2008

South Florida faces a rising rival in tourism: Panama.

Investors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into hotels into the small Central American country, which posted the fastest growth in international arrivals in the hemisphere last year: up 30 percent to 1.1 million.

Some now dub the tropical nation, long known for its canal and banks, the "new Miami" and hottest spot for new hotels outside the Middle East's Dubai.

Panama, A Top Spot For Retirees

Source:, Sep 6, 2008

Panama Ranks Third As An International Retirement Destination A popular international relocation services has ranked Panama as the third best country to retire in. International Living has been ranking destination for years and assisting people with real estate purchases and other services
Though I cannot speak for the services provided by International Living, they are touted as the "go-to" source for relocation information for various destinations around the world. Their annual retirement index takes in to account cost of living, culture, real estate, safety, health care, climate, infrastructure and special benefits.

Focus on what matters: Building business relationships.

Source:, Aug 28, 2008

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA I'm in this hot-bed of free trade and enterprise called Panama as I type this. What a glorious place to do business and to live. Panama is nestled in Central America and holds the undisputed titled as hub of business activity in the region. I'm certainly impressed with it. Let's see it has 1) Very low taxes, 2) Very low government regulation, 3 ) Excellent quality medical and dental care, and 4) The national beers sell for about 50 cents a can!! I think this is called paradise!

Five New Banks Arrive to Local Plaza

Source:, Aug 27, 2008

Entities from Switzerland, Caiman Islands, United States and one local bank have begun operation in Panama. Five new banks-one of general license, another of microfinance and three representative offices, have entered the market in the first six months of the year, according to the Superintendency of Banks of Panama.

Three other, Andorra, Israel and Switzerland, handled papers to the regulatory authorities.

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